Welcome To Our New Website

I am excited to welcome you to our brand new website! For the past 15 years we have used a different platform intended to be simple to use and easy to navigate, as well as simple to maintain for our organization that is made up of primarily volunteers. But as our league has grown in recent years with all the features we offer, the need has arisen to match our technology with that growth. This new website is a step in that direction. For example, check out and enjoy the new sports ticker at the top of our website that shows the most recent games, and will update live when the game is in progress. How cool is that?

That leads to the next major announcement, live stats. The new site will allow us to take stats live during the game which will update automatically on our website. You can click on the game score in progress and see all the stats being recorded! No longer will players have to crowd around the table to see their stats, they can simply check with their own devices. 

You'll be able to see all the history of player individual stats. Career stats in NMAA will now be recorded. Just many of the features this new site offers. 

There are a lot more features we plan on bringing with this new site. Bear with us as we learn and grow and make improvements over the course of the next few months. I hope you're as excited for this as I am.

 I'll end with the 3 words we use on many of our Instagram posts. 

Best. League. Ever. 


Omair Zahid

NMAA President